Yogamatta The balance

1,098 kr

”Our bodies are amazing instruments. They are built to deliver, to perform when needed. But we cannot constantly go on performing, in the great balance of life there needs to be some form of counter reaction if we do. Sometimes we simply need to stop ourselves and just breathe, remember to treat our bodies with respect. The hummingbird is the perfect creature to symbolize this. During the span of one day the hummingbird will switch from rapid breathing and having a heart rate many times that of an elite athlete, to hibernating in complete stillness. For us this symbolizes that even the tiniest body can be made to deliver beyond its capacity, as long as there is a balance” -Yggdrasil by Sweden

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Yogamatta med en vacker kolibri som motiv,  samt texten ”BREATHE – Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever have”

  • Ekologisk kork & naturlig gummi – isolerande mot underlaget!
  • Garanterat halkfri – Ju mer du svettas, desto bättre grepp!
  • Naturligt antibakteriella egenskaper.