Yogamatta The powerful mind

1,098 kr

”Few things in nature are as gracious and powerful as the elephant. For us, the elephant represents both physical and mental strength. Yoga is in its essence a way to sharpen both your body and mind. An unsharpened mind, much like the wild elephant, can run havoc on its surrounding. A sharpened mind, on the other hand, can be directed after one’s wishes and made to destroy all obstacles in its way. The practice of yoga never stops, the sharpening of the mind is a lifelong quest. Let this elephant motif serve as a reminder of this” -Yggdrasil by Sweden

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Yogamatta med en vacker elefant som motiv.

  • Ekologisk kork & naturlig gummi – isolerande mot underlaget!
  • Garanterat halkfri – Ju mer du svettas, desto bättre grepp!
  • Naturligt antibakteriella egenskaper.